Hello, I’m Simon. I live in Berlin, where I study product design at Universität der Künste and work as graphic design freelancer. This page shows a review of some of my projects and ideas.

Feel free to me for any further information or work requests.

We innovate mobility

I coincidentally discovered a catalouge from the company "blickle" that presented their product range of wheels on a total of 348 pages. I cut out every single picture of a wheel shown in the catalogue and thereby left it with text only. I then glued the wheels on top of different posters, that I found or purchased. They're always covering the main objects in the posters.
For me this work is about the juxtaposition of removing content and creating something new at the same time. It's about the constant movement of innovation.

Collage 01: 90×200cm
Collage 02: 40×60cm
Collage 03: 59×84cm
Collage 04: 26×18cm
Catalogue: 21×29×3cm