Hello, I’m Simon. I live in Berlin, where I study product design at Universität der Künste and work as graphic design freelancer. This page shows a review of some of my projects and ideas.

Feel free to me for any further information or work requests.

Temporary control

These are pictures of an installation I did during my studies at the Art Academy of Latvia – Two mirrors hang on top of each other. If you look carefully, you will see something moving on top of the lower mirror. A plastic pipe, that was poured into a concrete block, stands vertically on the ground. If you listen carefully, you will hear a noise coming out of the pipe. A flyswatter is nailed onto the wall. – I actually put maggots onto the mirror and into the tube, but for a visitor of the installation it was hard to tell. Some people didn't even recognize the sounds or the movements, others were disgusted by them. After a few weeks the maggots turned into flies and were able to fly away.